PRIME is an international general contractor active in the residential and commercial segments. PRIME coordinates a network of selected highly specialized Italian firms within constructions, refurbishment and restoration of listed buildings and monuments. Headquartered in London and Paris, PRIME operates within the main European markets.


PRIME exports the excellence of the "Made in Italy" and delivers its expertise within design, management and execution of high-end demanding international projects through its team of carefully selected Italian handcraft professionals, its networks of highly specialized subcontractors, and its consolidated portfolio of partnerships with outstanding Italian manufacturers.


PRIME provides an integrated service by overseeing the whole construction process, from feasibility studies, through permits and design, till construction.


"We want to live up to our history and values. We want to follow our drive to improve, innovate and amaze. Providing an outstanding service is just the beginning. Our ultimate goal is to deliver added value to our customers through our competencies, experience, and proximity to prominent figures in Fashion, Architecture and Industry".


PRIME oversees and executes all architectural, structural, MEPs and furnishings works, respecting budget and timing, without compromising on quality and safety. PRIME's experienced staff understands and takes care of the most sophisticated architectural details providing a turnkey product with the highest Italian standard.



PRIME Italian General Contractor

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